Greenturf Incorporated was founded in 1996 by Tim McMiller. He envisioned a company that was rooted in discipline, professionalism, and excellence. Now, with a staff of experienced and dedicated professionals, Greenturf has expanded their business to include a vast array of services that can design, create, and cultivate any project. Today Greenturf manages commercial and residential properties throughout the OKC metro area. Greenturf is devoted to serving our customers in an ethically and socially responsible manner to not only promote our own standards, but to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our degree of services and professionalism.

We appreciate your trust in allowing us to collaborate with you to fulfill your outdoor living area needs.  We view the design process as a unique relationship between the designer and client working together to generate and execute a common vision. Greenturf is a turn-key company which allows the client to work with a single corporation with any project from start to finish.  With Greenturf’s staff of experienced professionals and commitment to provide the best services available, we ensure a successful outcome that not only enhances the setting, but also enriches the lifestyle of our client.

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